Thursday, April 18, 2013

The V.F.P.C. (Very Fast Pursuit Craft)

This might just be my greatest creation so far. It is a pursuit craft that is either robotic, or remote controlled. (In case you are wondering the antenna piece is the back, and the red studs are on the front) it has two laser cannons on the front, with secondary lasers on top of the cannons. It also has a small underbelly laser (you should see this on the left). I hope you like the design! Please comment!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Say hello to my little friend.

 Sorry about the messiness, it's hard to organize things with blogger,
but, anyways I modified my creation (like I tend to do on a regular basis)
to go from a vehicle of flight, to one of the sea. It has a freakishly huge gun mounted on it, two I.F.G.s (Independently Firing Guns), and if you look closely, you will see two solidly mounted guns on the front (that cannot move). The bevel gears are mounted directly on an axle, and are designed to look like paddle
wheels like the ones on old ferry boats. I hope you like my design! Please comment!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Multi-purpose fighter

Hello! My last post said that I would be posting on Fridays, and Saturdays, but I'm getting everything setup right now. I recently made a creation (below).It is designed to look like a futuristic airplane, or space ship. It can have a large front wing. and skinny jet engine, or it can be the other way, around, and look like a glider, with a huge gun mounted on the nose. This is one of my favorite creations so far, other than a mini-Jedi star fighter, which I lost some of the pieces to, after I took it apart to make new stuff. I am excited to hear your comments!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Testing, 1,2

Hello, this is my very first blog! I am going to post designs for Lego creations, (LEGO, you can NOT copy my designs without my permission) and will write about exploring Lego Mindstorms when I get them. I'm going to try and save my money until I can buy them myself, but I may have to just wish that I get them for Christmas eventually. I will post previous inventions, as well as newly discovered ones. These blogs are not quite consistent, so I may go for a fey weeks or so without blogging, but I will try to post on Fridays, and/or Saturdays in the future. I am excited to share my discoveries etc. and I also want to see your replies.